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Black Ginger

Ginger has become an increasingly popular ingredient to incorporate into our diets in order to help boost our health. It’s a favorite addition to green juices and smoothies, not to mention a scrumptious veggie stir fry!

Ginger is actually a flowering plant that originated in Southeast Asia and is considered one of the most beneficial spices in the world. Typically, we use the rhizome or underground part of the stem, called ginger root or ginger for short. Interestingly, it’s closely related to turmeric, cardamom and galangal. 


On its own, ginger is a phenomenally healthy. It contains a bioactive compound known as gingerol, which contains powerful medicinal benefits and has traditionally been used to aid digestion, offer immune system support and has significant anti-inflammatory properties. (1)

Once ginger goes through the Maillard reaction, a non-enzymatic browning process or caramelization, and transforms into “black ginger,” the health benefits of ginger continue to soar. 

Black Ginger offers wonderful antioxidant effects and may help reduce oxidative stress. (2) One can not underestimate the importance of antioxidants, as we are constantly being bombarded by both daily emotional stress and external ravagers such pollution and other environmental toxins. 

Additionally, black ginger might improve physical performance and muscular endurance by decreasing inflammation while simultaneously supporting energy metabolism. (3) 

It may also support vascular relaxation, which increases blood flow and heart protective properties. Interestingly, black ginger is a popular Thai folk medicine for enhancing one’s libido.

Although it’s always good to incorporate these ingredients into your daily meal plan, for some, ginger can be a bit too spicy. The good news is with our new black ginger you can easily enhance your diet. Click here to order today!
Image by Markus Spiske
Pharma from the Farm 


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