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Our Story

Pharma from the Farm is the only supplement company that also produces its black garlic in the United States. Most supplement companies won’t tell you where their black garlic comes from, because it’s often sourced overseas, largely China. We, however, source from Texas farms, from farmers that we know and trust, farmers that care about the purity of their produce. What that means to you is an exceptionally high-quality product that is overseen from planting to manufacturing.

Before long, they were selling black garlic wholesale to retailers all across America – so much so that they couldn’t get their farmers to grow enough of it. All the chefs, as well as gourmands, loved it, but that wasn’t enough. As a fierce proponent of the fantastic health benefits of aged garlic, it was clear black garlic needed to be on the forefront of natural health. Thus, Pharma from the Farm was born.


Now, we work more closely than ever with our farmers throughout the growing process. We often provide seeds for our farmers and visit the farms, so there’s no doubt that what we’re getting, and what you’re getting, is safe and superior.

Image by Kai Oberhäuser

Located in San Antonio, Texas, our story begins with a chef who loved the uniqueness, flavor and health benefits of black garlic so much so that he decided to quit his job as a chef and dedicate his life to it. He and his team first created Texas Black Gold Garlic, which they began selling at local farmers markets.

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