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What is

Black Garlic?

Black garlic may seem like black magic, but in fact, is a 4,000-year-old simple caramelization (not fermentation) process that takes place over one to two months which transforms raw garlic into a beautiful black bulb that has more than quadruple the antioxidant punch of regular garlic and is so deliciously sweet it’s often used in dishes by the world’s most renowned chefs.


The process requires the garlic be aged in a humidity-controlled environment at a high heat (from 140° to 170°) that does not allow microbial action to take place. This natural process happens through enzymatic reaction that increases the antioxidant levels using zero additives or preservatives. The breakdown of the enzymes in the garlic render it sweeter and less pungent than raw garlic. We know people who like to pop black garlic cloves straight into their mouths, but if you’re more interested in health than flavor, Pharma from the Farm’s black garlic supplement is all you need.

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